About this game

25 numbers appear on the display.
And you touch numbers to make up to 9.
When you touch 30 numbers , game finishes.
For instance
[1,8] 2 touches
[1,2,3,3] 4 touches
When game finishes , your record and your level appear.
How is your record?
(If you touch an uncorecct number , time is added.)
Please join the online ranking via http.
When game finishes , by tapping [Send record] , your data is sent to the server.
The top 50 of both the total and the latest 300 appear.
Your input name and your time are only used on the online ranking.
Have fun!!
Taguchi Katan : Management / Programming
Nadeshico Rin : Illust

Screen shot

Screen shotScreen shotScreen shotScreen shot
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